Scoop magazine Christmas Gifts!

For UK Customers Only

Scoop magazine Christmas Gifts!

For UK Customers Only

Scoop, the magazine for 8+, is the perfect Christmas gift for a young reader.

With exclusive short stories and articles by many of the biggest names in children’s literature, Scoop is a wonderful gift. From fiction to puzzles, comic strips to non-fiction, Scoop has something for everyone, whatever their taste or reading level happens to be. It’s the ultimate gift that goes beyond Christmas because an annual subscription ensures that a copy will be posted direct to the reader’s door.

If you order a subscription before midnight on December 17th you will receive a link to download a gift card and all recipients will receive their first issues before Christmas in a big red envelope marked  Do Not Open Before December 25th​! For UK customers only. 

Subscriber Benefits:

• Discover new authors and illustrators every month
• Free monthly home delivery of the magazine
• The chance for readers to take part in competitions and get published
• Invitations to Scoop events at festivals and bookshops

 If you purchase a Christmas subscription you will receive a link to download a gift card  and all orders from this page will be sent out by the Scoop team on December 15th in an envelope marked  Do Not Open Before December 25th​!

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Best Deal£42.99 1 Year (10 Issues) Payment Type Image UK ONLY
£45.00 1 Year (10 Issues) Payment Type Image UK
£45.00 1 Year (10 Issues) Payment Type Image UK

Scoop is the answer to grandparental prayer – a magazine that grandchildren adore ( mine certainly do…) which grandparents can both approve of, and admire. So it makes a perfect present which is equally perfect for sharing.
Joanna Trollope

Scoop is a delightful artistic informative magazine, one that should be on display in every classroom and library.
Jacqueline Wilson

Scoop is the most beautiful magazine for children that I’ve ever seen. I believe that we live in the age of the beautiful book and Scoop is the perfect accompaniment to the beauty we see on our bookshelves.
Chris Riddell

It looks absolutely perfect and it seems to me that you have got that rare balance of accessibility, age-appropriateness and sophistication. Your readers will feel they are being spoken-up to, their intelligence flattered. It should be a stonking great success. BRAVISSIMA!. A transforming experience.
William Boyd in The Guardian

I think Scoop is really remarkable. The standard of writing and of illustration is so high. It’s the kind of magazine that makes me wistful — I wish we’d had something like this around when I was 8.
Neil Gaiman

If you wish to purchase multiple subscriptions as gifts for more than one individual please call us on 01293 312210